The Unremembering of Irene Harand, 2016

The Unremembering of Irene Harand

Entsumpfung (Freilegung des Perinetkellers)


48 Körper aus der Szombathy Studie

\'48 Körper aus der Szombathy Studie\' 2014

MASSNAHME Video installation

MASSNAHME Video installation 2013

‘Inter-face’ 2012 George William Price & Nicole Prutsch


Mirror Stage 2012

'Mirror Stage' 2012 with 'Hospital' (Sound) by Billy Paul Rousseau

Anthroposcope 2011

Anthroposcope 2011

Begreife/Catch Performance 2011

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Kiss (Bang on Target) 2009

Kiss (Bang on Target) 2009